Thank you for choosing us. Our FAQ Locksmith page is created for you, to answer most common questions.

Here you will find some common questions we are being asked. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q.) I recently purchased 3 vehicles from an auction and they told me I could go to a dealer or call a locksmith to get keys made for each car. I’d really like to use a locksmith seeing as I would have to go to 3 different dealers and I’m trying to avoid that if possible. I have a 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor, a 2015 Buick Enclave, and a 2009 Cadillac Escalade. Will you be able to provide service on all vehicles? If so, how can I get new keys made?


A.) You’ll be happy to know that all of our technicians can provide service for EACH of your recently purchased vehicles! one of our trained dispatchers can collect some information from you and dispatch it to our technician.  Once dispatched, our technician will call you with an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to let you know when you can expect him at your location. Everything is done on-site at the vehicle and our technician will leave you with new ignition keys for each vehicle. We are strictly mobile service company, meaning all of our technicians come straight to the customer to service their residential, commercial, and automotive needs!


Q.) I have a 2013 Toyota Tacoma and the key broke off into my ignition. Half of the key is still stuck in my ignition as well and I’ve tried extracting it myself with no luck. I do not have a spare and I don’t want to have my vehicle towed to the dealer. Are your technicians capable of extracting keys from ignitions?


A.) We can definitely send a technician to your location to service your ignition needs for your  2012 Toyota Tacoma. First, our technician will extract the broken key from the ignition using our professional key extractor tool set. Then he will determine whether or not he can make a new key off of the existing ignition. If the ignition is damaged, all of our technicians have the capability to replace the damaged ignition with a new one on-site. Once the new ignition is installed he will then have to cut & program a new Transponder ignition key. We assure you that all of our technicians can service most, if not all, types of vehicles and they are trained in these specific circumstances! We will not leave your location until you have a working ignition and or key!


Q.) My son needs a new key made for his car because he lost the only key he had. I would like to pay for the service but I will not be at the vehicle. Can I pay the technician over the phone and give him my credit card information?


A.) Yes! If you would like to pay for the service, our technician can call you and take your payment information over the phone. Our technician will also leave a copy of the receipt/invoice with the customer on-site at the vehicle. We understand that these things happen all the time and our company will accommodate our customers specific and or emergency needs!


Q: I need all new locks installed on my house. They are all brand new doors I’ve put on. Do you provide these services? Thank you


A: Yes, Our technicians can come to your residence and install the new locks for you. They will also be able to drill the holes for the installs.


Q: Do you offer a repair services for ignition switches?I have a 2012 Toyota RAV4. When I put the key into the ignition, it won’t turn. Can you help me with something like that?


A: Yes, we can take a look to see what it wrong with the Ignition, whether it is the switch or the key itself. We can diagnose the issue and offer to replace the switch or make a new key for you on site.


Q: My car door locked behind when I started it up to warm it up. It’s a 2013 Nissan Altima. The sooner the better please because it is running.


A: Yes, we can dispatch a technician to your location to unlock your vehicle right away.


Q: Yes, I have a Schlage lock on my office space that I need to have unlocked before my employees start to arrive. Can do provide services for that?


A: Yes we do, We can send a locksmith out to your office location to unlock the door for you, Schlage locks are not a problem for our locksmiths.


Q: I want to make a copy for my 2008 Nissan Ultima? Do you have this type of key in stock? Thank You.


A: We can come to your location and make you an extra sets of keys on site, as well as programming the car key. Our mobile units have most car keys in stock, including Nissan.


Q: Do you make replacement ignition keys for older Ford trucks? I own a 94 Ford truck and the dealer told me to call a locksmith. Thank you


A: Yes, we can make you a replacement car key for your truck on site. Car key codes for older car and trucks are unavailable most of the times to dealer, but a locksmith can come and make you a replacement car key on site.


Q: I have 4 doors on my office building that I need rekeyed. Can you come out today and do this?

A: Yes, our technicians can come to your business today to service the 4 doors you need rekeys We can have the technician in your area call you back in just a few moments to let you know how soon he can be there.


Q: I need help!! My dog is so hyper she just hit the door lock button on the door with my keys inside. Can I get someone over here to unlock it for me? It’s 2001 Subaru Forester.

A: Okay, yes, we can send a locksmith out to your location to unlock your Subaru, no problem.


Q: Can I get someone out to my house to let my son and I in? We’re locked out and the neighbor is letting us stay with them for time being.


A: That’s no problem at all. We will send a technician out to your address to unlock the door so you and your son may get in.


Q: Hello, my key broke in the ignition on my 2002 Chevrolet Impala. What should I do now?

A: In cases like this, when the key broke off in the ignition, first we have to extract the broken car key, then figure out if the ignition is still functioning. If there is no problem with the ignition, we will make a replacement car key for you and you will be all set. In some cases we may need to replace the ignition.


Q: I would like to have new locks installed on my house. I already have the locks I want, I just need them installed. Do you do that?


A: Yes, we can do that for you. Our technicians can drill the holes if necessary to install the locks for you and will ensure that they are working properly with the doors