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Car Lockout Service
Car Lockout Service

Keys are left inside a locked car – what to do?

Oh no, I locked the keys inside the car! Have you ever said something like that? Of course, there are variations of this phrase, mostly accompanied by bad language. Unfortunately, neither this phrase nor any other spell will help you to open the car. You are no magician and you have no magic wand to do this. So you’ll have to use more common solutions.

Therefore, this happened. At first, the situation may seem slightly surreal. A few minutes ago you had plans, like go buy groceries or get your kids from school. Or grab your favorite latte and head to the office. Perhaps you were in a hurry, late for an important meeting and just stopped by to get some documents. There are plenty of variations. But the reality is that your plans will have to wait. However, you may take different actions depending on how urgent it is for you to get your keys out of a locked car.

You are definitely lost, and maybe even panicking. Breathe in, breathe out and remember, that you are not the only one like that. Surely, someone in the world is dealing with the same problem as you do right now. Of course, it’s unpleasant, but it’s not the end of the world! Think about it this way: if other people got into the same situation, the solution is probably there. And there is more than one solution. Remember not to blame yourself as an irresponsible person, anything can happen. Now let’s turn to the necessary actions.

Keys Locked In The Car - Different Makes
Keys Locked In The Car – Different Makes



Car keys are locked inside the car – what to begin with?

First and foremost, short situation analysis. How did it happen? Where exactly are the keys – car seats, or the trunk? How urgent is it to get them?

In addition, you may find the last question weird, as you are about to say “as soon as possible!”. But keep in mind, not all situations are the same. You can postpone your hairdresser appointment, but you have to act fast if your dog is inside in the scorching heat, or if your family member requires immediate medical attention.

Rule #1! If the situation is critical – call the police! Do not leave someone’s life dependent on some car keys, call 911 right away! Consider this as the first action you take if things are going south. Sometimes you don’t have time to come up with a solution.

Fortunately, such things happen quite rarely and forgotten keys only become an inconvenience that makes you shuffle your plans a bit. If you have evaluated the situation properly and are absolutely positive that there is no threat in taking some time to sort things out, start from the most obvious and easy steps.

  1. Make sure there is no other way to get into the car.

Yes, this sounds like mockery. But trust these words, this works more often than you think. Check every side door and the trunk door. Sometimes drivers panic without taking this simple step and end up finding out the keys were in the open trunk after 10 minutes of pacing around with increased heart rate. It is a stressing situation, but it is better to save some nerve cells.

If one of your windows is slightly open, you can fantasize about creating a tool to push the button and lower the window even more. Sometimes the doors get blocked, but the trunk is still open. And keys left in the trunk are also accessible through the car’s interior if you manage to open the window. These ways of getting to the car keys are the easiest and completely free.

Some services offer help in opening your car doors remotely. These services are available upon subscription and are applicable only for a few new car models. What if you forgot that you have such a subscription? If all of the above is irrelevant to you, let’s move further.


  1. Try finding your spare car keys.

Every driver should have a spare set of keys. Just in case keys get lost, the electronic key doesn’t work or even for a situation like this. The question is where is this spare key? You are lucky if you have a spare set with you (in your bag, wallet or backpack). This means you have the solution to your problem in your own hands. The worst case is when the spare key is inside the locked car’s glove compartment. However, it is where many drivers prefer to keep the second set of keys. Well, the situation you are in will probably make you change your mind about this and you will be more thoughtful about keeping your spare keys.

Moreover, if you keep the spare key at home – you’ll only benefit from it. Just contact your relative or a close friend, describe the situation and ask to bring you the “life-saving” kit. This does not always work. You may be in another city. Or the people you trust may not be available at the time of your need. If this time everything is against you, it’s time to move to the next step.

  1. Ask for advice from someone who’s been through it.

There are plenty of tricks of “breaking into” a car. There are DIY articles and videos on how to get into a car if your keys are locked inside it”. As it was mentioned before – you are not the first one to experience this.

In addition, many people are happy to share their pieces of advice on blogs and YouTube channels. Simply google a bit and you will definitely find a Q&A or video on the related topic. If you want to help others in the future, it might be a good idea to film your experience as well!

Moreover, the internet makes our lives easier, even in such situations. This does not mean you’ll get an answer immediately. Cars are different, as well as lock systems. Every advice has different means of solving the problem. If somebody was able to open their car with a shoelace, doesn’t mean you will too. The type of lock is also important. Do you know what kind of mechanism your car door hides?

Furthermore, If you have some time to burn and want to study the ways to open your car, you’ll soon find out there are many of them. You can apply a number of instruments to help with the case. It could be various locksmith instruments, knitting needles, ropes, pick locks.

Sometimes car owners even made things worse by damaging the lock mechanism. Think thoroughly before deciding how to act. And if you want to save yourself the trouble, the next step is for you. This is also the ONLY way we recommend. Trying to unlock your car, even if you have done this before, may result in damages to the car or car’s door. Therefore, calling a professional locksmith is your best option.

The last point is to remind you that there are specialized services out there to help you get your locked keys out of the car. This step could as well be the first one. Because it is 100% safe and guaranteed to solve your problem. These services are not free, so sometimes it is worth looking at the options above.

However, these services not so expansive either, so you may want to do it!

It is highly possible that all previous actions didn’t bring the wanted result. Alternatively, you just don’t want to spend your time to solve the issue yourself, which is totally normal. Everybody knows it is much more efficient to hire a professional to do the job you need. Don’t hold back from turning to a specialized service. The situation is not your fault. It can happen to anyone.

Especially don’t postpone your call to the professionals if you need your car door open as soon as possible. This was mentioned earlier in the article and hopefully, you remember that.

What services can help you if your car door is locked with the keys inside? Locksmith service or police. You should call the police only if the situation is urgent, and in any other case you can take the first option.

A car locksmith that knows different car locks well will definitely know what’s up with your lock. And this means he’ll help you in the fastest way possible without damaging the lock or the car coating. And you won’t have to look for tools, study video instructions and risk to damage your car. In addition, you won’t have to bother your friends and family to bring you your spare set of keys. But don’t forget that any good service is worth its money.


Bottom line: 

  1. If you accidentally locked your keys inside the car, don’t panic, there is a solution. Don’t blame yourself or be ashamed, as this often happens to drivers.
  2. Main rule, if you left your keys in the locked car, is:

In urgent situations, when someone’s life is in danger, call 911!

  1. If the situation is not critical, stick to a simple plan:


Many people every day get locked out of their car. Unfortunately, car lockout is one of the most frustrating situations. The good thing is that if you locked the keys in the car, and you don’t have a spare, we can help.

The get the locked keys from the car we use a simple way of unlocking the door with air wedges, so there is no risk of damaging the car.

Unlike the “Slim Jim” method that may damage the mechanism, we unlock the car in a safe and efficient way.

So, next time the keys are locked in the car and you need it unlocked ASAP, just give us a call. We are here for you.


FAQ Car Lockout Services:

Q: Hi, I am locked out of my car and I don’t have a spare, it’s a Ford Explorer 2002, can you unlock it for me?

A: Yes, we offer fast 24 Hr car lockout service for all make and models, including Ford.


Q: I locked my keys in my car and I need help, what can I do? What do you recommend?

A: Our advice for all lockout situations is to call a professional automotive locksmith so he/ she can unlock your car door for you.


Q: I tried calling a few automotive locksmiths around me, unfortunately, they are all busy. Any other idea how to unlock my car door?

A: Yes. You can call AAA, try your insurance agent, or call a tow truck service. Sometimes these options can work as well.